If there’s a pattern or technique you’re nervous to try, whether it be quilting related or not, go for it! You’ll be so pleasantly surprised at what you can achieve, and will learn so much about your craft and yourself by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

I have learned so much about quilting by pushing myself out of my comfort zone and daring myself to try things that initially seem very intimidating. I have grown so much and gained so much confidence as a quilter by trying things that scare me.

For the first year and a half of being a semi-regular quilter, I stuck to the basics. I sewed straight lines only, and did basic piecing and patchwork quilting. When I finally made an Instagram account for my quilting I saw people doing things like paper piecing, English paper piecing, sewing curves (what?!) and I had no idea how to do any of that. I wanted to make a pillow with a maple leaf on it (going back to my Canadian roots) but I could not find any patterns online of maple leafs that accurately depicted the leaf on the Canadian flag except for one. But it required paper piecing. I was scared, but I was determined. I searched for paper piecing tutorials on YouTube and jumped right in! The results: an amazing pillow that I was able to gift to my mother, and a new skill and love for a technique that I have used more since then and am eager to continue to use in the future!

Fast forward to about a month ago, I tested a pattern for Lo & Behold Stitchery. Once I completed it, Brittany then asked me if I could test her Shades of Citrus quilt. With a turnaround time of about one month and the quilt being all curves I was pretty intimidated. But, I said yes! I’m so happy I did! It turns out the curves were not nearly as hard or as scary as I thought they would be, and I learned so much from that quilt! I was super busy trying to get it done before the pattern release date, but I had so much fun, and I can now confidently encourage others that curves are actually really fun! You just have to jump in and do it! And now the Shades of Citrus quilt is our family’s favorite quilt and I know I’ll be making at least one more, if not numerous more, Shades of Citrus quilts!

The next technique on my list of things to learn is English paper piecing. I rarely ever hand sew so it’ll be a challenge but one I’m excited to take on! So, here I am, encouraging you to go out there and learn something new today!

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